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American Filtration Catalog




Hydraulic Applications

Air Filtration Applications

Panel Filters

Pleated Air Filters

Disposable Air Filters
Geo Thermal Merv 11
Hydraulic Filter Assemblies
Hydraulic Filter Elements
Hydraulic Disposable Air
Purifying Breathers

Industrial Filters

Intake Filters & Silencers

Compressed Air Filters
Commercial HVAC Filters

Clean Room

Pleated Air Filters

Extended Bag Filters/Cubes
Ring Panels & Links
Carbon Pleats
Rigid High Efficiency Supported Pleated Filters
Industrial Air Filters
  Pads and Bulk Media Auto Roll Media

Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

Gas Phase Applications

Liquid/Fluid Filtration


Industrial & Archival Corrosion Control
Gas Phase Filter Systems

Corrosion Control Systems
Liquid /Fluid Filtration
Water Filters


Water Filters  

Activated Carbon
Potassium Permanganate

Dehumidifier Packets
Desiccant Shipping Packets


Call or email for quotes on specialty filters. 
We sell made-to- order filters and
different efficiencies that are not listed.